Choice Equities Capital Management (CECM) was created to continue offering our clients the concentrated, capital appreciation vehicle previously offered as the Focused Distribution Strategy (FDS). In 2017 we founded the company as an independent and standalone investment manager to continue our pursuit of this investment approach while expanding our investment universe beyond our original target set of only distribution companies. While our opportunity set has broadened, in many ways we are simply returning to our roots as we continue to focus primarily on small caps.

CECM is comprised of founder Mitchell Scott, CFA, and Ihrie Wood and has multiple relationships with external partners who assist with investor relations activities.

Mitchell Scott, CFA; Founder and Managing Partner  linkedin-icon

Prior to founding CECM, Mitchell spent five years at KDI, a Barron’s 2015 top 100 hedge fund where he was an analyst and portfolio manager of FDS. Previously, he was a junior partner at Anchor Capital, a private investment management company focused on small to micro cap US equities. Mitchell graduated cum laude from Clemson University in 2003 and earned his MBA from the University of North Carolina in 2008. Mitchell has nine years of investment experience with primary areas of focus in small caps and distribution companies across various consumer and industrial verticals.

Ihrie Wood, Vice President of Finance and Administration linkedin-icon

Ihrie joined Choice Equities in September 2021. She is responsible for handling reporting, compliance, investor relations and office management functions. Ihrie is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Choice Equities Limited Partners

We seek to partner with accredited investors and offer investment subscriptions under the limited partnership model. We seek partners with a long term investment horizon who share and understand our investment approach.